This amazing series of workshops is funded by City of Coffs Harbour as part of the Environmental Levy Grants Program. Every second Sunday, Coffs Harbour Regional Gardens will present a FREE three hour workshop on making your garden sustainable, ecologically responsible, and a source of joy. Both experienced gardeners and newbies will find something in these hands-on workshops presented by a variety of local and visiting experts.

4/2/2024 Gardening practices to economise water use

18/2/24 Gardening practices to reduce fertilizer runoff to waterways

17/3/24 Composting household waste and/or Worm farming household waste

7/4/24 Propagation and seed saving

21/4/24Gardening practices to enhance insect pollinator biodiversity (and a bonus workshop on native bees)

5/5/24 Gardening practices to reduce pesticide runoff to waterways

19/5/24 Wildlife habitat protection and domestic animals

2/6/24 Invasive garden plants

16/6/24 Adapting your garden to climate change

30/6/24 House and garden designs to maximise passive solar and energy efficiency

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